Download YouTube Pro APK V24 For Android 2024 (Updated)

YouTube Pro APK

Enjoy the premium YouTube experience free of cost with YouTube Pro APK! Ad-free video content, video & audio download, background play, and many more. Let’s download the new version and discover more features.

Are you looking to download all the older versions?

Introduction to YouTube Pro

Are you tired of many irrelevant ads while watching your favorite movies or dramas on YouTube? YouTube Pro is the solution to stop the ads issue on videos. The pro version of YouTube has many exciting features that improve your video streaming experience.

YouTube is one of the most common streaming applications with 2.6 billion users to boost video content. It’s an extensive video content library with a digital environment according to user choice.

Welcome to a smooth video experience and say goodbye to waiting for ads to skip. Enjoy continuous streaming and discover videos with no Sponsor Block.

What’s YouTube Pro APK?

It’s a modified version that offers many new and exciting features which are not available on YouTube. With this app, users can enhance their YouTube experience by watching ad-free streaming, background play, downloading videos, and more.

It doesn’t allow ads during video playback. Users can enjoy perfect watching video streaming without any hurdles. It allows you to download videos (high quality) and MP3s with just one click.

It provides the ability to unlock restricted videos without any VPN. You can easily access these videos without expanding the viewing option. It brings back the retro video quality interface and simplifies the process of changing video quality settings without unnecessary steps.

Some Advance Features in Version 24.0

Data Saving Mode

It’s deigned to help user reduce their data usage while watching video content. By enabling data saving mode, user streams videos with low resolution. This feature is beneficial for limited data availability.

Break Reminder

The user can allow fixing the time reminder to take breaks while watching videos. It’ll stop the video temporarily until the user dismisses it to resume the video. It’s useful for reducing excessive screen time.

Skip Time

It allows users to easily move back or forward videos by double-tapping on the mobile screen. User can customize the timing of the “Double-tap to seek” feature according to their preferences. It can be extended from 5 sec to 3 minutes.

Full Unlock YouTube Pro 2024 By Sam Mods

NameYouTube Pro APK
CategoryVideo Streaming App
App size61.4 MB
MicroG file40.8 MB
Current Version24.0
DeveloperSam Mods
Support OSAndroid 5.0 or later
Total Downloads500K +
Rating4.5 Stars

Premium Features of YT Pro APK

All the amazing features of YouTube Pro are describe below:

Login With MicroG

To access all data, you need to log in with your existing Gmail account in MicroG. It’ll show suggested previous videos in your timeline. It’ll also provide all subscriber videos, notifications, and, related shorts in You Pro. Users can watch and enjoy the video content without login in YouTube MicroG.

Without Ads

Are irrelevant ads create interruption watching videos? Sometimes, users can want relief from annoying commercials. YouTube Pro has no ads while enjoying video content. The ad-blocking feature ensures a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience.

Audio & Video Download

It offers to download each video with high-quality resolution. Both audio and video can be downloaded to your internal storage of mobile. These files never be expired just need to download them one time.

Voice Search Language

Voice search language is an additional feature. Users can select any language according to their specific country. For example, a Spanish user can direct speak the Spanish language to search for their content.

Music in Background

Today now, most mobile user likes to listen to music while performing other apps.  YT Pro has a background play that users can enjoy music while busy with other tasks. That’s why Musicophile like the Pro version of YouTube.

Enable Restricted Videos

Some people want to explore worldwide content but YouTube allows them to watch content with limitations. YouTube Pro allows you to stream all types of video content without VPN. You can view all restricted videos in any country.

Swipe Control Commands

The swipe control feature offers a control feature for music volume and video brightness. You need to rotate the video to a widescreen and when you touch the right side you can adjust the volume to 15 and the left side brightness to 100%.

Hide Shorts

Like other social platforms, YouTube has started short videos since Sep 2020. Many users like short videos due to a lack of time. You can disable the video shorts in Pro APK.

Disable Sponsor

You can disable intros, outros, subscription reminders, and other annoying parts of YouTube videos with Sponsor Block. It provides continuous streaming by enabling sponsored clips in the app.

Premium Perks

We can see ads on YouTube while watching videos which can cause a disturbance. YouTube Pro has the function of premium perks which can appear on the screen so that users watch ads free videos.

Return YouTube Dislike

YouTube has removed the ability to see dislikes from their API since 13 Dec 2021. The number of people who dislikes the videos isn’t shown when anyone dislikes the video. YT Pro restores the ability to see dislikes on video.

How To Download and Install the Latest Version?

It is a very simple process to install the updated version of that APK on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Just follow the installation guide and unlock all its features.

  • First of all, you need to download both the MicroG file and the YouTube Pro on your device.
  • Always try to install the MicroG before the YT Pro APK.
  • Enable the unknown sources and complete the installation of MicroG.
  • After installing the MicroG APK, now install your favorite YouTube Pro file on your android. 
  • Finally, its installation process is completed.
  • Open the app and enjoy all the premium benefits from it.
YouTube Pro APK enable unknown resources

Official YouTube Vs YouTube Pro

Features OverviewOfficial YouTubeYouTube Pro
Background Music
Swipe Control
Data Saving

Download All The Old Versions

You can also download and install the older versions in your Android device. The download link is just single click away.

Version 22.0 Direct Download

Version 21.0 Direct Download

Version 20.0 Direct Download

Version 16.0 Direct Download

Version 15.0 Direct Download

Version 14.0 Direct Download

Version 13.0 Direct Download

Version 11.0 Direct Download

Version 9.0 Direct Download

Pro & Cons Of YouTube Pro APK V22.0

It’s an unpaid application with paid premium features.This application is unreliable, and sometimes, it contains many errors.
It’s a safe app and the installation method is very easy.It’ll stop streaming if a virus attacks the application.
It’s an extended form of YouTube with premium features.This application may be interrupted at any time.
You can easily download the APK from that website.You can’t find it on Play Store.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are the most asked questions about YouTube Pro app.

Yes, It’s 100% secure for use and it has no malware attack that might harm your device.

Yes, You can easily watch any restricted content without needing VPNs.

Yes, YouTube Pro provides an option to disable YouTube Shorts. If you find watching YouTube Shorts time-consuming, you can hide them with a simple button, saving you valuable time.

Yes, YouTube Pro will not work without MicroG.


YouTube Pro APK has interesting features for a superior video streaming experience. This App offers swipe controls and retro-style video. It unlocks restricted videos, dislikes count, and premium features without a subscription. Overall, It offers premium features as an alternative to the paid membership. My personal experience says ReVanced Extended APK is almost similar to it.