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ReVanced Extended

A modified version of the official YouTube , YouTube ReVanced Extended (RVX), provides a number of additional features and customization options. An open-source project developed by volunteers is available for download.

Introduction to YouTube Extended APK

If you wanna enjoy all the premium features of YouTube free of cost on your Android phone and  also not get disturbed by ads and notifications, Then you need not go anywhere as you are in the right place. This APK is a million-dollar application for you in which you can enjoy many features including customization options also.

YouTube is itself the best video platform and billions of people are using it every day, but on the other hand, people also wanna get some premium features that the official isn’t offering. So, in this condition, people always go for an alternative and this APK has proven a wonderful alternative to .

Billions of people worldwide are using YouTube and some of them want to enjoy the free premium features by spending no money. If, you can also enjoy its premium features with other apps like YouTube Pro, and YouTube ReVanced.

What’s ReVanced Extended?

This APK is a third-party modified version of the YouTube having many free and premium features which aren’t present in the official app. You can enjoy many customization options, including changing the app style, icon, and name according to everyone’s choice.

Although, it is a modded and third-party app, its features like ad-free, PiP Mode, background play, RYD, and block notifications make it unique and extraordinary. This versatile and powerful app also allows users to watch and download videos without logging into their Google account.

Its numberless features make it prominent from other type of similar apps. Due to these premium features, its users are getting increased day by day. It has been considered 100 times better than even the original app and other Vanced and ReVanced versions. One of the best features of this app is that you can enable and disable features of your own choice.

ReVanced YT Extended APK File Details:

App nameReVanced Extended 2024
Developerinotia00 (RVX)
OS required8.0 and up
Mod infoUnlock and Premium
CategoryVideo Streaming
Updated onLast Week Ago

Premium Features of YT Extended APK

Ad Free Streaming:

If a man is watching his favorite video and suddenly the ad starts on the screen then everyone feels annoyed. But you won’t be annoyed as this app doesn’t allow ads to run on the screen. So, you can enjoy ad-free videos on this modified APK. You can also block sponsors as it is a sponsor block app.

Customization Options:

The best feature of this application is the customization option. It allows users to change the app name, app style, and also the app icon according to their own choice.

Remove or hide the Watermark:

You can also hide or remove the watermark present on different videos while watching videos on this app.

Dark Theme:

One more feature is available to enjoy, you can turn the dark theme or black screen on if you are using it in a low-quality light. This will help you to watch in any environment without affecting your eyes. You can also run this app in full-screen brightness.

High Video Quality:

This app allows you to enjoy videos in better quality than the original video without buffering. You can play videos up to 4k resolutions easily and your video won’t even stuck.

PiP (Picture in Picture) Mode:

If you wanna do different tasks and also wanna enjoy the video in the corner of the screen then, this app enables you to play the video in Pip mode while performing other tasks also on the same screen.  

Background Playback:

You can play this app in the background and enjoy your favorite content while using or browsing other applications on the main screen.

Loop Videos Mode:

You can also activate the auto-repeat video feature, after activating your favorite video keep on repeating again and again and you need not do it manually.


This open-source feature allows you to see the number of dislikes for any video.

Download Videos in High Quality:

You can watch and download the videos in high quality and you will also be able to view the videos later in offline mode.

Compatible with all Android devices:

This app is compatible with all Android devices having version 4.4 or above. The feature that makes it unique is that it is available on both rooted and non-rooted devices as well. 

Hide Shorts:

This allows you to hide the shorts also. 

Video playback speed:

You can be able to adjust the playback speed according to your own choice ranging from 0.25 to 2.0.

Block notifications:

If you wanna enjoy your videos without getting disturbed by the notification then this app allows you to block all types of notifications.

Difference between ReVanced and Revanced Extended APK

Both modified versions of YouTube offer some premium features which you can’t enjoy on the official app. Although both of them work almost the same, still there are some differences between the two.

Some key differences are given below:


ReVanced YouTube is more stable as compared to ReVanced YouTube Extended as the first one is compatible with more devices as compared to the second one.


ReVanced YouTube support almost all Android phones along with tablets also. While on the other hand, This APK is compatible with only a few new versions of Android devices.


ReVanced APK is far better in the number and quality of features it has as compared to ReVanced. The extended version has more features such as PiP Mode and background playback etc.

YouTube ReVancedReVanced Extended
More stableLess stable
Compatible with almost all Android devicesCompatible with only a few Android devices
Having fewer premium featuresHaving more premium features

But now the question arises here is that which one is better among the two?

It depends on you which features you want to enjoy in this premium quality application. But if you weren’t using it previously then, I will recommend you going with the simple version instead of going with the extended one as the simple one is easily compatible with almost all devices. And later you can also switch to the extended version.

It is very easy and simple process to install the new version of APK on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Just follow the installation guide and unlock all its features.

  • Step 1: First of all, you need to download both the MicroG APK file and the RVX APK file on your device.
  • Step 2: Always try to install the MicroG before the ReVanced APK.
  • Step 3:  Enable the unknown sources and complete the installation of MicroG.
  • Step 4: After installing the MicroG APK file, now install your favorite ReVanced APK file on your phone. 
  • Step 5: You have to login your google account on this app before enjoying all its features.
  • Step 6: You can enable many features at a time according to your own choice by clicking on the setting Icon.
ReVanced Extended APK enable unknown resources

Advantages and Disadvantages of RVX

You can watch videos without getting disturbed by ads as it is ads free application.It is a third-party app and this type of app may prove harmful for your device.
It is easily available on any third-party website. You download it anytime and anywhere.Security risks are always there in these modified apps.
You need not wait even for a while, you can download it in a blinking of an eye.When you use these types of apps on your phone, your data can be stolen easily.
You can download videos and audio to watch later in offline mode.There is always a chance of viruses in these apps which may prove harmful for your device.


Below are the most asked questions about this app.

Yeah, it is safe and easy to use on your Android device. You need not worry about your privacy and safety while using this application on your mobile phone. So, enjoy all its pro features without taking any type of tension regarding your privacy.

No, you need not pay even a single penny to enjoy all the pro features of this mod APK. It is one of the best features of this and you can enjoy all its premium features for free.

It’s a premium application that has several free features. You can watch ad-free videos in high quality along with customization options and in a dark theme also. You can also enjoy many other premium features.

If you’re an iOS user and wanna enjoy all the premium features of YouTube, then feeling sorry for you as it is only available for Android users.

It is easy to get the latest and new version of  ReVanced Extended App, simply, click on the DOWNLOAD button available above and follow some simple steps that have already been discussed in this blog and enjoy it.


Our users are our pride, therefore, we always try to provide the best free apps which give our users all the premium features free of cost. That’s just one example in which you can enjoy all the premium features on a single screen without getting disturbed by ads or anything like that. If you wanna enjoy all the premium features of YouTube in a versatile app without any security risks then you must try this ReVanced Extended APK.