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YouTube ReVanced Free Download APK

Are you thinking about enjoying the YouTube premium features free of cost? The solution to your problem is in YouTube ReVanced APK. Download the app and enjoy the moments.

Latest Version | 18.30.37

Intro About YT ReVanced

Today, Youtube is very famous for video content, and some companies show their ads in different videos. Somebody would prefer to avoid the ads while watching an interesting movie or serial. YouTube Revanced APK is the perfect solution to goodbye the ads.

Before it, All premium features were in YouTube Vanced, but the official expires it. Advanced App has the premium features like Background Music, Picture in Picture mode, Swipe control for volume & Brightness, and many more.

What’s YouTube ReVanced APK?

This modified version of the official YouTube app offers a unique and enhanced viewing experience. This popular third-party application allows users to enjoy uninterrupted video playback by blocking ads, playing music in the background while multitasking, and even watching videos in a small window with the picture-in-picture mode.

Additionally, users can customize the app’s theme, adjust playback speed, and personalize their YouTube experience. For Android devices, YouTube ReVanced is the go-to choice for those seeking a more tailored and ad-free YouTube journey.

Download Details For YT ReVanced

App NameYouTube ReVanced APK 2024
Current Version18.30.37
Size97.5 MB
OSAndroid 8.0
Rated4.5 Stars
Premium FeaturesFree of Cost

App Feature Highlights

Disable Short Button:

There’s a new feature for short videos on original YouTube that lasts 15 to 60 seconds. Some users like these funny or informative shorts. Shorts take less time and data than long videos. But users can turn on or off the option of short videos in ReVanced.

Custom Branding:

In this modified version of YouTube, you can rename the application name and change the logo icon with any logo.

Premium Heading:

Users can customize the theme of YouTube Premium free of cost by using ReVanced. You can hide the original YouTube application, and somebody can’t recognize that you are enjoying paid or free subscriptions.

Hide Brand Watermark:

The videos that are posted on YouTube have a self-branding watermark. This watermark saves video content from stealing. In Revanced APK, you can hide the brand logo from all videos. Video content is watched, enjoyed and downloaded without any brand watermark.. In this app, video content is unsafe and easily used by someone.

AMOLED Display:

AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display has a black theme like dark mode. The article uses less battery consumption and is beneficial for the eye.

Remove Full-Screen Panel:

Full-screen Panels offer creators to provide additional information in videos. The report includes links to websites, videos, social media accounts, images, text, and more. Some users don’t like that feature, and ReVanced APK allows or turns off that feature.

Hide Premium:

 When you open the YouTube application, a banner appears on the screen that describes the buying guide of Premium YouTube. Some users dislike and skip the ad instantly. ReVanced already has premium features, so it doesn’t show such a banner.

Auto-repeat by default:

With this feature, you can enjoy and listen to your music on repeat mode. It will auto-load if you enable the option in your settings. Custom playback speed YouTube has limited 0.25X to 2X playback speed. While ReVAnced has more than 2X, 3X, 4X, and more. 1.0X is the normal speed for listening to your music. So, you can customize the speed ratio of music.

Enable Debugging:

If your apps lag or trigger various errors that have ripple effects, It may be necessary to turn off this feature. As you stream with the ReVanced APK, debugging applies in your app to identify errors and work towards fixing them.

Difference between YouTube ReVanced vs Vanced APK

ReVanced APKVanced APK
It’s more customization options than Vanced.It’s limited customization.
It’s a custom playback speed.Its playback speed limit is 0.25X to 2X.
Short videos can be hidden in ReVanced.Short videos can be hidden.
ReVanced has also premium features.Premium offer is displayed when you open YouTube.
The creator’s watermark can be hidden.The creator’s watermark can’t be hidden.
There’s a personal branding in it.
There’s no Personal branding in basic Youtube.

Download YouTube ReVanced for Rooted and Non-Rooted Device

Non-Rooted Device

It is necessary to install MicroG before installing YouTube ReVanced for Android. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the app.

  • It is a very easy process to install the APK on a Non-Rooted Device.
  • Required: MicroG 
  • Download links are below.
  • Download links are below:

If you’ve any issue, then follow Installation Guide.

Rooted Device

It is necessary to have a rooted device with Magisk SU in order to install this module. MicroG already uses Play Store Services, so it is not necessary to install it. However, the MinDetach Module is needed in order to avoid Play Store dependencies.

  • Our team will guide you about the installation process, unless you have some technical know-how.
  • Required: MinDetach
  • Download links are below:

If you’ve any issue, then follow Installation Guide.

Most Prominent features

Background Music:

Sometimes you need to enjoy music while doing physical work. When you turn off the mobile, then it stops the music. The alternative to the problem is to utilize ReVanced. It’s interesting when you swipe on other applications, it’s not stop. A small pic display appears on the screen of that music in the background.

Pic-in-Pic Mode:

Picture-in-picture display offers users to watch videos in a small window while switching to another application on the device. This feature is particularly useful for users who want to continue watching a video while using other apps, such as messaging, email, or web browsing.

Old Version of Layout:

ReVanced YouTube has more functionality and specialized settings to make your YouTube appear older. The old version of YouTube had a 3-column layout like a video player on the left side, suggested videos in the middle, and a comment section on the right side. Therefore, you can select this old layout design from the ReVanced YouTube App if you want to stick with your YouTube’s simple appearance.

Sponsor Content block:

Nowadays, in the era of the digital world, most brands do marketing through sponsor videos. If you dislike the sponsor videos, ReVanced has a feature to turn on or off according to your choice. If you turn on the quality, the short part with a green line of sponsored Video will automatically skip.

No Ads on Videos:

How awkward is it when you watch your favorite serial, and suddenly an ad appears on the device? YouTube has a premium subscription of $11.99/month, which everyone can’t afford. So, ReVanced is a free app to watch and enjoy your ad-free video content.

Swipe Controls:

The YouTube platform has no swipe control feature, but ReVanced provides swipe control options. The volume of the music, the brightness of the Video, the overlay text size, and the magnitude threshold can be adjusted. You can enable a large search bar for more visibility. You can also hide the autoplay button, hide the cast button, hide the caption button, hide breaking news, enable the table mini player, and most importantly, hide the shorts button. If you want to hide comments, you can also hide them, previews, and even shorts.

Download Video & MP3s:

Youtube has the feature of some optional videos to download in its gallery. On the other hand, Videos can be downloaded on your mobile memory by ReVanced. Videos can be downloaded and viewed in 240p,480p,1080p,1440p, and more.

2nd YouTube:

You don’t need to uninstall the primary youtube. Both YouTube and secondary ReVanced can operate on the same device. All suggested content is browsed by ReVanced without login your account.

Dislike Count:

In Nov 2021, the User dislike count was removed by YouTube. You can use the removed option in the ReVanced, while the dislike view count is restored by activating RYD integration. A video’s public opinion can help users decide whether it’s worth their time to stream it.


Using MicroG, users can log into YouTube within YouTube Revanced. You’ll be able to access your subscribed channels, liked videos, watch later lists, and all your other content when you add your account.

Installation Guide For Non-Rooted Device

The APK file can be installed on any android device, no matter if it is rooted or not. To get your Google account, we only need MicroG.

Installation guide for Non-rooted Device

Step1: Download the MicroG APK file.

Step2: Tap on the MicroG APK file and enable the

source option from settings.

ReVanced APK free Download for non rooted android

Step3 : Tap on the install and done button.

Step4:  Now, tap on ReVanced APK file and Install it.

Download guide for revanced apk

Step5: It takes some time to complete the process.

Step6: Tap on open and enjoy with all premium features.

Installation Guide For Rooted Android Device

You’ll find the easiest installation process of ReVanced APK for your Rooted Device. You just need to follow the below instruction guide.

Installation guide for Rooted Android device

Step1: Download and install the file of Revanced Magisk Module in your Android.

Step2: Open the installed app of Magisk Module.

Step3: The Modules option can be found at the bottom right of the screen.

Step4: Choose the option to install from storage.
Step5: The storage on your phone will be opened. To open the .zip file, navigate to it and tap it.

YouTube ReVanced APK rooted device

Step6: The Flashing screen will appear after few seconds. Wait until you see the reboot button.

Step7: Go back.

Step8: You must follow steps 3 to 6 in order to flash and download the MinDetach Magisk Module.

Step 9. Reboot.

Note: YouTube/Music is detached from Google Play by MinDetach module. It stops auto-updating. It’s recommend to flashing the module.


Below are the most asked questions about this app.

Not at all; Vanced had limited features blocked by the official YouTube, while ReVanced is working now with more extra features than Vanced.

Yes, you can install and use both applications. Can You Install ReVanced on non-rooted Android? Yes, you can install it on both Android devices, rooted and non-rooted. If you have a non-rooted device, install the MicroG app to use the ReVanced APK.

YouTube ReVanced can’t download from Google Play Store because it’s a modded version of YouTube.

ReVanced is developed for Android users. ”Enhancer for YouTube” is an alternative to ReVanced for PC.

There’s no auto-update but a notification of an update sent by the ReVanced Manager.


Youtube ReVanced offers more features than the Vanced and the Pro versions of Youtube. If you want to enjoy the premium components of youtube, use the ReVanced APK for a more amazing experience. It provides ads-free video content to users and high-quality instant video download files. I enjoyed and liked features like sponsor block, swipe control, and custom branding. It is possible to download videos to your computer’s internal storage. You will enjoy all features in ReVanced, so you need to download it.